AmbuCom® Promotion

MyVoice® Rewards

MyVoice® Rewards is a fully targeted, multi-brand digital program reaching MyVoice® members across Canada.  This online program is filled with high-value coupons, offers and educational materials customized for consumers based on their product and brand usage. MyVoice® Rewards program will reach consumers throughout Canada at least once per week.

Why use the MyVoice® Rewards program?

  • Cost efficient – Because it’s a multi-brand program, we’re able to distribute your coupons and offers at the lowest possible cost. You ONLY pay for the number of coupons printed!
  • Precision-targeted to your consumers – You can communicate your customized offer directly to those consumers you want to reach.
  • Turn-key – All we need is the content of your offer – we can manage your program from start to finish.
  • Security – Secure online login access to print coupons and access to members only.
  • Reporting – Monthly report on coupon activities.
Contact Sales at 416.408.0112 x125
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  • Pay-For-Performance – You only pay for the number of coupons printed.